Early Access Information

Early Access is for gifted students who are:
  • 4 years old by September 15 desiring to enter Kindergarten
  • 5 years old by September 15 desiring to enter 1st grade
Early Access is an application and determination process. 


  1. Complete an application and portfolio.
  2. We accept applications from the first full week of February through March 31st along with a $25 fee. This fee may be waived with the determination of economic status. 
  3. The Early Access team will process and screen the packet to determine, based on the State of Colorado guidelines, whether the student is eligible to continue on to the next step of testing.  If a student is found eligible for testing, an additional $100 testing/evaluation fee will be required. This fee may be waived based on economic status.  
  4. After the testing is evaluated, the Early Access team will make the final determination whether or not to give the student a placement for Early Access. 


Early Access is separate from and in addition to the typical admission and enrollment process for Caprock Academy Kindergarten.  Caprock Academy’s Admissions open window to participate in Kindergarten lottery is during the month of February.  

Parents may submit an Intent to Enroll form for Kindergarten and participate in the lottery with the understanding that if they are selected in the lottery, the slot will be held until the Early Access team has granted the student an Early Access placement. If the Early Access team does not grant the student a placement, then the Kindergarten slot will be forfeited.

If a student is given a placement for Early Access and did not participate in the lottery, then he/she will be placed on the waitlist if the classes are filled.


The Early Access enrollment packet provided below is not complete. Parts of the requirements for the Early Access packet are two Gifted Evaluation Scale forms.  One is to be completed by a parent and the other one by a preschool teacher.  These can only be obtained at Caprock Academy because of copyright laws. Contact the Gifted and Talented Coordinator for more information on these forms.

ADDITIONAL ENROLLMENT FORMS-The Family Economic Survey and instructions are attached below should you like to apply for a fee reduction or waiver.

For more information on submitting an application for Early Access, please contact the Registrar at 970-243-1771.