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Dear Families,
Caprock Academy is a tuition-free public charter school of choice located on the west side of Grand Junction, Colorado. We opened our doors for the first time in 2007 with only a handful of elementary age children. Today Caprock Academy serves students in grades K-12 and has grown to an enrollment of 950 plus students and 125 plus faculty and staff members.
All Mesa County families are eligible to apply, and no entrance testing is required.   To the extent that demand exceeds the number of available seats, enrollment will be determined by a waitlist and lottery for kindergarten.
At Caprock Academy, we believe that the best way to prepare our students is an education that develops the skills to think critically, reason effectively and communicate clearly and persuasively. Classical education is a time-proven, three-part educational process patterned according to the way children learn. 
These three academic stages known as the Trivium are at the foundation of who we are as a school.  Through this process young children are taught (Grammar) knowledge, teens (Logic) understanding, and young adults (Rhetoric) wisdom.
We feel that through these three phases, combined with our commitment to character development and access to robust extracurricular and leadership opportunities, ensures Caprock students are not only prepared academically and emotionally but they also have the skills necessary to think critically and help make the world a better place. 
Caprock Academy offers families many advantages in education, including:
·         A rigorous, liberal arts curriculum
·         An emphasis on virtue and character education
·         Caring and dedicated teachers who lead knowledge-centered classrooms
·         A more intimate public-school option where every student is known, respected, and valued
·         A K-12 school experience at one location
·         High-quality athletics and fine arts programs
We look forward to welcoming all families to our beautiful campus conveniently located between the Mesa Mall (Route 6) and the 24 Road exit off I-70.  I am convinced by walking in our hallways and meeting with our amazing adults and students you will immediately feel the positive energy that makes Caprock Academy more than just a school, but a true community. 
Evan Hunt
Head of School
Caprock Academy
Evan Hunt, HOS

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Evan Hunt, HOS

Introducing Our New Head of School, Mr. Evan Hunt

We are excited to welcome Mr. Evan Hunt as the new Head of School of Caprock Academy. Mr. Hunt brings a wealth of leadership experience that aligns perfectly with our commitment to classical education, character development, and academic rigor.
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