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Dear Caprock Families,
While we do not make it a habit to share the details of our emergency procedures for safety reasons, I wanted to take a moment and share an example of the dedication of our staff to your child's safety and...
It may seem like a small thing, but among the many things that I do that can cause anxiety among the staff, I make them run unannounced safety drills, and today we had a late afternoon fire drill right in the middle of class. The teachers had no idea that it would happen, and neither did most of the office staff (our standard practice). We have timing benchmarks that need to be met in order for us to say that we got the students out of a potentially burning building free of harm, as well as take into consideration other safety measures, such as an on-campus threat in the middle of a fire alarm. It can be quite daunting. Today our staff set a RECORD time in getting students safely out of the building and accounted for, while completing on-campus safety threat measures (WELL AHEAD of the benchmark time). Quite frankly, I was surprised when I stopped the watch to record the time for our fire drill records.
On top of everything else, our teachers are still working hard to keep kids safe and prepared with something that may seem insignificant in the moment. I cannot say enough about this team. They are truly amazing. While I may also be their boss, as a parent of 4 children at Caprock Academy, I am going to take a moment to personally thank my kids' teachers for their dedication to my children's growth and safety. I would ask any of you who are so inclined, to join me in letting these hard-working and caring individuals know just how much we appreciate them.
Andrew Collins
Head of School
Mr. Andrew Collins, Head of School

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