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Family Handbook

The Caprock Academy Board of Directors, Faculty, and Administration welcome you to Caprock Academy. This handbook has been prepared to inform you about Caprock Academy’s mission, philosophy, policies, and practices.
We ask that you read this handbook carefully and refer to it whenever questions arise. We also hope that it will reaffirm your decision to attend Caprock Academy. This handbook is both a narrative and a means to provide you with the Caprock Academy policies that are most frequently addressed.
The Caprock Academy Difference

“Whether created by parents and teachers or community and civic leaders, charter schools serve as incubators of innovation in neighborhoods across our country. These institutions give educators the freedom to cultivate new teaching models and develop creative methods to meet students’ needs. This unique flexibility is matched by strong accountability and high standards, so underperforming charter schools can be closed, while those that consistently help students succeed can serve as models of reform for other public schools. In an economy where knowledge is our most valuable asset, a good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity - it is an imperative. Our children only get one chance at an education, and charter schools demonstrate what is possible when States, communities, teachers, parents, and students work together.” - Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States
2022-2023 Family Handbook
If you have any questions regarding the handbook, policies or procedures please contact the front office at 970-243-1771.