Caprock Academy is not part of the local school district.  We do not recieve any local tax money.  We depend upon the State of Colorado's per pupil revenue.  This means that we depend more heavily on grants, donations and fundraising than other schools.  There are many ways that you can financially help Caprock Academy.

Make a Gift

Financial Donations

​Monatary Donations are always appreciated.  There are some who can donate large lump sums and some who can give just a little every month.  Both are important to the school.  Your donations can be mailed to the address on the right, or your can fill out the ACH form (PDF below) and have it automatically deducted from your account. 

Classroom Donations

Classrooms are frequently in need of items like classical books, art supplies and other items. Please see your homeroom teacher  for specific needs.


Equipment and Furniture

Do you have an old computer, desk, or other item that could be of use to Caprock? Please contact Mr. Sherrill ( and describe the item that you are interested in donating. Caprock cannot accept all donations; however, we will consider all offers and greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.


​Pay Off Our Building

Caprock Academy, like many other public charter schools across the country, does not get equivalent funding for its building, facilities, and infrastructure costs due to state laws. Every year, public charter schools like Caprock seek this funding from state legislators and contend with other schools for these funds. As a result, Caprock continues to absorb these costs year after year. If Caprock were able to pay off this significant piece of its financial obligation, it would permit the school to focus even further on refining the quality of its academic curriculum.

Your financial contribution would go a long way to help sustain Caprock’s excellence in education. You may select from a number of specific projects, or make a general contribution. Your monetary contributions will be tax deductible.


Box Tops

Sponsor:  CAST
How It Works:  Twice per year, box tops are collected from every Caprock classroom, counted and sent in.  Caprock gets $0.10 or more for each box top.  No cost to you.  At year’s end, the class that submitted the most box tops gets a party.
To Participate:  Collect “box top” labels from packaging and send to school with your child(ren).  Participation in CAST means your vote counts in how the proceeds are spent.
Community Involvement:  Have friends and family save their box tops.  Can you put a can or shoe box at work labeled “Box Tops for Caprock Academy”?
Caprock Receives:  .$010 or more for each box top label.


Campbell Soup Labels

Sponsor: CAST
How It Works: Labels are collected and submitted for points. Points are accumulated and can be redeemed for school equipment. No cost to you.
To Participate: Remove labels from Campbell’s soup cans and bring to our school office. Participation in the Parent Booster Club means your vote counts in how the proceeds are spent.
Community Involvement: Have friends and family save their soup labels. Can you put a can or shoe box at work labeled “Campbell Soup Labels for Caprock Academy”?
Caprock Receives: points toward purchasing equipment for our school.


Office Depot

Sponsor: Caprock Academy
How It Works: At Office Depot checkout, let the cashier know you would like a percentage of your purchase to go to Caprock Academy. They will do the rest. No cost to you.
To Participate: Shop at Office Depot. Let them know you would like their donation to go to our school.
Community Involvement: Tell your family members and friends to mention Caprock Academy at check out. Can your business order office products from Office Depot and indicate Caprock as their school of choice?
Caprock Receives: Up to 5% of your total purchase.


Recycling Printer Cartridges

Sponsor: Caprock Academy
How It Works: Three times per year, we send used printer cartridges to a company that recycles them. We receive points that can be cashed in for equipment for our school. No cost to you.
To Participate: Drop off empty printer cartridges in the box in our school office.
Community Involvement: Ask your friends, family and neighbors to collect empty cartridges. Can you put a can or shoe box at work labeled “Recycle empty printer cartridges for Caprock Academy”?
Caprock Receives: Points toward school equipment.


Target REDcard

Sponsor: Fundraising Committee
How It Works: Every time you pay for your purchases at Target with a Target REDcard and have designated Caprock Academy as your school of choice, Caprock receives a percentage of the sale. No cost to you.
To Participate: Sign up for a Target REDcard, which can be either a credit card or a check card. If you already have a Target REDcard, go to and click “enroll now.” Enter “Grand Junction, CO” and “Caprock Academy.” Once you select Caprock, enter your name and Target REDcard number. If you don’t have a Target REDcard, apply on-line or at check out. You receive 10% off your purchase the day you apply.
Community Involvement: Ask friends or family members who use a Target REDcard to designate Caprock Academy as their school of choice.
Caprock Receives: 1% of purchases at Target or and ½% of purchases every time you use your Target Visa Credit Card anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted.


City Market CARES​

Sponsor: Capital Construction Campaign
How It Works: Each time a Caprock member shops at City Market and uses their Value Card, the purchase price of their groceries is credited to Caprock. City Market calculates our earnings quarterly and sends us a check. No cost to you.
To Participate: contact Tracy Richardson.
Caprock Receives: a pro-rated portion of $100,000.00 every quarter.


Uniform Exchange

Your used uniform items may be donated for resale to Caprock families.
How It Works: Clean, tear-free and unstained uniform items are collected and displayed for exchange or purchase at CAST meetings. Participation in the CAST means your vote counts in how the proceeds are spent.  No cost to you.
To Participate: Bring your clean, tear-free and unstained uniform items to a Uniform Exchange event. Pick up items on a one-to-one exchange or get “credit” toward future purchases.  Nothing to exchange?  You can still shop at bargain prices.
Community Involvement: Encourage other Caprock families to attend CAST meetings and exchange or donate their uniform items.
Caprock Receives: any revenue from purchases made without an exchange.