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Middle School Athletics

After classes end for the day, Caprock Academy middle-schoolers are encouraged to participate in sports and other after school activities. This is an important time that allows students to try new things, deepen friendships, develop athletic skills, and challenge their minds and bodies! Middle school athletics also give students an opportunity to preview the sports offered in our High School, meet their future coaches, and create relationships with teammates that will last through their school careers.
Middle School Calendar
Caprock Academy Middle School participates within the District 51 middle school sports schedule. 
Sport Date Range
Girls Volleyball
Aug. 15 - Sept. 30
Boys Basketball Oct. 3 - Nov. 11
Girls Basketball Nov. 14 - Jan. 27
Boys & Girls Track & Field Mar. 27 - May 3
**Middle school sports through D51 only allows 7th and 8th grade participation.
Academic Eligibility

Please contact the athletic office for specific information as it pertains to middle school eligibility.