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Caprock Academy's Carpool program is geared for connecting families who live in the same area to help one another get to and from school.  It is also a great way to earn parent volunteer hours.  If interested in participating, please send the following information to Anne-Marie Klein at [email protected] or you may can complete the attached Carpool Registration Form.  Forms can be given to the front office during normal business hours.


  1. Names of your children, grades and teachers
  2. Number of additional students you are able to take in your vehicle
  3. Nearest crossroads to your home (i.e. 30 Road and Patterson)
  4. Special instructions (i.e. Only able to help get students to school in the morning)


Once this information is received, the data will be gathered and posted in the Communique and our website so that families can see what is available. Families will then contact Anne-Marie Klein to let them know which family they feel would be a good connection.