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Enrollment at Caprock Academy

Caprock Academy is the Grand Valley's free public Classical school.  We are a Mesa County community grown public charter school serving kindergarten – 12th grade students in the Grand Valley.  At Caprock Academy, we endeavor to be good stewards of our school, our land, and our community.  Through community focused service projects and a student experience rooted in classical education, we promote our core values of academic excellence, character development, and personal accountability. 


Beginning in kindergarten, the Caprock Academy community rallies behind our goal to build ownership of academics and autonomy in each student.   Our students work hard for their success.  Caprock Academy high school students enjoy a 100% graduation rate.  It is in this ethic of strong character, personal accountability, and academic excellence that Caprock students are motivated and educated to be college of choice ready when they graduate from high school.


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At Caprock Academy, it is our mission to help all students achieve their highest academic and character potential using proven, accelerated academic programs while providing a safe environment. It is our vision to strengthen our community through the involvement of parents, educators and community leaders while working together to provide an environment that fosters academic excellence and develops strong character in our students.

Recent Awards & Recognition

Caprock Academy among top 25 percent of all public schools in Colorado for academics School earns a “Performance with Distinction” rating
Caprock Academy is one of only eleven CSI schools to earn a “Performance with Distinction” rating based on 2021-22 performance. CSI—which authorizes Caprock Academy assigns a rating and accredits its schools each fall based on its school performance framework, which considers a school’s academic, financial, and organizational data from the previous school year.

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Caprock Academy earns GreatSchools’ 2022 College Success Award 
Caprock Academy is among 1,742 high schools from 25 states that have demonstrated a successful track record of graduating students who enroll in two- or four-year college, are ready for college-level coursework, and persist on to their second year.  
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Caprock Academy is a tuition-free public charter school. Kindergarten is free for both half-time and full time. Admissions are open to any student residing in the state of Colorado. We are a K-12 public charter school that operates on a first come first served basis. There is no admissions test to be accepted at Caprock Academy. We welcome all students and strive to create and maintain a diverse student population. Student recruitment and admissions decisions shall be made in a non-discriminatory manner as outlined in C.R.A.22-30.5-507(3). In all cases, student recruitment and admissions decisions shall be made without regard to disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ancestry, need for special education services or any other protected class.

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If you have additional questions regarding Caprock Academy or if you would like to speak to our Registrar about enrollment, please contact the school office at 970-243-1771 or fill out our Contact form.