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All of our middle and high school coaches will use the TeamApp as a way to quickly disseminate information and communication. Everything from schedules, locations, team chats, and live stream links will be available via the TeamApp. Information will be posted to your team year-round by coaches and administrators. Please follow the instructions below to download the app.
  1. Download Team App from the Apple or Google Play store.
  2. Parents and student athletes MUST create an account on the Team App . You will be sent an email to confirm your registration.
  3. Log into the TeamApp and search for your appropriate team(s):
High School Teams
        • CAHS Volleyball
        • CAHS Soccer
        • CAHS Cross Country
        • CAHS Girls Basketball
        • CAHS Boys Basketball
        • CAHS Track & Field
Middle School Teams
        • CAMS Boys Basketball
        • CAMS Girls Basketball
        • CAMS Track & Field
        • CAMS Volleyball

4. Choose your applicable access group(s).
5. If you don't have a smartphone go to to sign up and view this App online.