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Hot Lunch Program

Caprock Academy does not have a lunchroom or offer daily lunches to students, so we have teamed up with local vendors to offer a once-a-week hot meal to all students. This is one of our most popular programs that we offer.  The Hot Lunch program is ran by a group of volunteers and it is a great way for you to get your hours in! 
To ensure the success of this program, we have created a weekly volunteer signup to help fill the volunteer positions required.  If all of the volunteer slots are not filled each Monday BY 9:00am, we will not be able to offer Hot Lunch for that week.  For example, next week’s slots will need to be filled by next Monday at 9:00am, or we will not be able to offer hot lunch that Thursday.  Weekly reminders to signup will be sent out via email.
The following information will help you understand how the program works, as well as ensure that your child receives their meal. 
  • Hot Lunch will be served every Thursday
  • We will be having TWO separate vendors every week this year. 
  • Students may choose between either option. 
  • Lunch options for the week will be announced on our Facebook page and in the weekly Communique email that is sent out on Monday.
  • The price per lunch is $4.00 (each student will be capped at 2 orders)
  • Please put the money in an envelope or baggie labeled with your student's name and give to their homeroom teacher or aide
  • If you choose to order the meal for your student, please send the exact change with them on or before Wednesday. 
  • The money must be received by 8:00am on Wednesday to your homeroom teacher. K-8 student/parents are not allowed to pay at the front desk. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • The Hot Lunch program only receives the number of meals that are ordered. If your student’s money is not received in time, they will have an opportunity to participate the following week.
  • Siblings may NOT pay for other siblings. Example, 8th grade student may not pay for their younger sibling in 3rd grade.
  • High school students will order and pay at the front desk
Please refer to the Communique that is sent out weekly on Monday for menu options.   


Please contact the front office at 970-243-1771 with any questions that you may have or if you would like to volunteer with this program.