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High School Athletics

The mission and vision of Caprock Academy high school athletics is to pursue excellence daily through character and education-based activities that:
  1. Are not defined by the scoreboard or rating sheet;
  2. Demonstrate a commitment to respect, the spirit of fair play, and the ideals of sportsmanship;
  3. Are aligned with the mission, values and policies of CA and CHSAA;
  4. Are led by coaches/sponsors that are committed to such ideals; and
  5. Are participated in by students with an understanding of their role in representing CA, their school, their team, and their community.
Caprock Academy High School competes in the Western Slope League at the 1A and 2A level. 
Academic Eligibility

All coaches, athletes and parents should be familiar with the eligibility rules of CHSAA and CAHS. They are as follows:

  1. High School eligibility for participation is reported every week from the start of the first week of official practices.
  2. CAHS has chosen CHSAA Plan B which requires a student to be passing 2.5 Carnegie units at the time of the eligibility report. A Carnegie unit is ½ credits. CAHS further requires a student to maintain an overall 2.0 GPA and cannot be failing more than one class in addition to the CHSAA guidelines.
  3. CAHS has chosen to run the eligibility reports on Wednesday morning of the reporting week. At that time, the student athlete becomes ineligible for the next week including the upcoming weekend. Any work turned in after the report date cannot improve the student’s grade unless the teacher of that class has given the student extra time, or has made a grading error.
  4. Coaches are to inform athletes of loss of eligibility for whatever reason. If the reasons are other than grades, then the coach should contact the student athlete’s parents to communicate the ineligibility.
  5. A student who is deemed ineligible may not travel with the team to away contests during the week. A student that is serving either In-School or Out of School Suspension will not be allowed to participate or practice in any extracurricular activity for the entire period of the suspension. Ineligible students are still expected to be at practices other than suspensions. Other team consequences may also be imposed as the discretion of the coach.
  6. A student must be in attendance at least ½ of the school day to practice or play that day, unless on school approved event.

Any eligibility appeals will be directed to the Athletics & Activities Director. They will gather information and render a decision based on the input of the athlete, coach, and teacher.


General Eligibility Requirements (Per CHSAA By-Laws)

A student enrolled in a high school shall be eligible to represent that school in CHSAA-sanctioned interscholastic activities if the student meets the following specific requirements:
  1. The student is a bona fide undergraduate member of the high school in which he/she is enrolled.
    EXCEPTION: Home based and other students who meet statutory requirements shall be eligible. Statutory requirements state that a student in a home based education program must be registered with the school district of participation a minimum of 14 days prior to being considered a home schooled student. Students who do not meet statutory requirements shall be considered ineligible for interscholastic competition, but may practice (provided he/she is registered with the school district).
    EXCEPTION: A student who registers at the beginning of the school year in a non-public home-based educational program may participate in the activities program at a public or private school. In the case of a private school, the student must be accepted for inclusion in the school program by the school and meet any criteria set by that private school.
  2. In the judgment of the principal of the student's school he/she is representative of the school's ideals in matters of citizenship, conduct and sportsmanship.
  3. A student who drops out of school after having been enrolled and in attendance fifteen days will not be eligible the following semester of his/her attendance. If the student attends fifteen days or more during the semester, he/she must complete the required number of credits for the whole of that semester to be considered for eligibility during the next semester.
    1. If a student attends a school five days, is absent three days, attends seven additional days, and then drops out, the student is charged with a semester's attendance in that the time is counted from the first day of attendance until his/her last day of enrollment.
  4. EXPULSIONS -- A student who would be ineligible in any school because of expulsion, denial of admission or negotiated withdrawal may not become eligible for competition at any level by transferring. The period of ineligibility is determined by the school at which the ineligibility occurred. A transfer at the beginning of the school year does not decrease or eliminate the period of ineligibility caused by the expulsion. A student may not transfer schools to avoid expulsion time periods.
Participating school districts and schools shall have the right to impose stricter standards for eligibility than those set forth herein. The General Eligibility Requirements are not intended to restrict any school from setting local academic requirements or otherwise exercising control over its curriculum, grading practices and policies regarding the granting of class credit.