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Caprock Academy May Core Virtue: “Lives to Learn From”
The end of the school year is here.  Year-end events abound, music performances are plentiful, students are preparing to move to their next level of learning.  Commencement ceremonies and the next steps beyond Caprock Academy are imminent for the class of 2024.  This is a time for celebration, and a time for self-reflection.  As I think of the Caprock Academy month of May core virtue, “Lives to Learn From”, it is useful for me to reflect on the numerous role models and mentors, my family, and experiences that have shaped my life.  As I have wandered through 65 years on this planet and 34 years serving public education, I value the influence of all these mentors and role models in my own personal history that have influenced my journey.  When each of us explores the virtue “Lives to Learn From”, I would encourage us all to listen and be faithful to the inner voices of our own role models and mentors.  Mostly, those voices will ring true and offer sound wisdom and guidance. 
My time at Caprock Academy is coming to an end.  I will remember fondly the staff and students that I have met, the relationships that have grown, the joy of friends I have reconnected with.  I will value and be heedful to the voices that Caprock Academy will have for me and my future.  I will hold in the highest regard the experiences we shared and navigated as a community together.  I will look back on these 6 months with gratitude and reflect on all that Caprock Academy has taught me.  Above all, I will be forever indebted and gracious as I have enjoyed the privilege and the honor of being the Interim Head of School of Caprock Academy.
“Greatness is not in where we stand, but in the direction we are moving.  We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but sail we must, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.” -Oliver Wendall Holmes
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