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February Core Virtue:  Faithfulness- “Steadfast loyalty or allegiance”
As we grow through the shortest month of the year, this time of year always seems to be the longest.  The longest between extended weeks of vacation, the longest stretch of instructional calendar time, the longest time between winter and spring time activities that Western Colorado is famous for.  But the sun is shining longer each day, our anticipation of flowers, spring showers starts to grow with the grass.
At Caprock Academy, we're getting ready for the start of school-wide testing, which will run from March through April.  I acknowledge that school testing schedules can disrupt teaching schedules, school calendars, and even family plans. However, it's important to understand that the results of Colorado State testing (CMAS), Caprock Academy academic growth testing (STAR), and high school college and career preparedness testing (SAT) provide valuable data and information to your school and our teachers. These results allow us to identify individual student growth, design formative lessons, evaluate teacher instruction, and consider curriculum adjustments.  School wide testing is imperative to measure student success and teacher effectiveness. Please assist us in aiding your student by supporting our efforts to track their academic progress and address the professional development needs of our teachers.
I can report to you that the Caprock Academy Head of School search is underway.  Last Friday, staff spent professional development time identifying characteristics they want to see in their new leader. The school has sent out parent survey requests, a selection committee has been organized and administration has spent time discussing and defining professional characteristics, personal character strengths and Caprock Academy’s priorities to create a professional profile of the best possible leader for the future of Caprock Academy.
As always, I am proud to be a part of all the things and events that are Caprock Academy. It is an honor and a privilege to serve this unique community.  Please stop by the school and visit anytime.
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