COVID-19 Update 3-19-2020

Dear Caprock Families,

Governor Polis has issued an executive order, as of Wednesday, March 18th, that schools will be subject to mandatory closures through April 17th. This means that our new anticipated start date will be Monday, April 20th. Additionally, we have also learned that there will be no CMAS standardized testing this spring. We have not yet heard about PSAT, SAT, and AP testing, but will keep our community informed as things change. While planning continues for home-based education over the coming weeks, the administrative team would like to communicate decisions, as well as things to look forward to next week.

First, in order to give our staff time to prepare for more effective online and home-based education, the school will be extending the students’ break through next week, with learning expected to resume on Monday, March 30th. Over the course of next the week (23rd- 27th), teachers will be contacting the families of their students in order to determine need and ability to participate in distance learning/learning in an online format. Teachers will also be hard at work moving current units into a distance education format.

Second, the school will be contacting individual families in order to distribute essential items back to families during the extended closure. Essential items will be limited to medications or devices that families need to be in possession of during the closure. Essential items are not education related items, such as books or school supplies. Families of students who were absent on the last day of school and did not get supplies they need will be contacted so that those supplies can be either boxed and delivered to them, or will be scanned and emailed, depending on the individual circumstance. If it is apparent that your student is missing something they will need for class, please communicate that to your child’s teacher.

Lastly, we are continuing to receive updates multiple times a day from both the state government as well as the department of education and the Charter School Institute. Any of these updates that change our scheduled closure or requirements surrounding distance education will mean further communication to our families and possible changes to our already evolving education plan. We appreciate the flexibility of our families and remain committed to our mission to educate and shape tomorrow’s citizens!


All the best,

Andrew Collins, Head of school Caprock Academy