In February our program turns outward once more in a dedicated way—focusing on the virtues which build community. Aristotle exalts the magnanimous and just man. Aquinas speaks of the person transformed by love. Modern​s laud caring, empathy, and sympathy. All of these move in the difficult direction of otherness— getting beyond self and sensing the needs of others.

In the month of February we focus those commitments to community with the virtue of compassion. Compassion is sensing the distress and need of our neighbor and acting on his or her behalf. Community service is the natural extension of this.


The Core Virtues program highlights a different virtue (or trait derived from a virtue) each month of the school year.  Caprock Academy is currently in Year 3 of the Core Virtue 3-year rotation.

Core Virtues is a literature-based program with the goal of cultivating character through the promotion of basic moral, civic, and intellectual virtues.  It emphasizes such “core virtues” as:  respect, responsibility, diligence, honesty, generosity, perseverance, courage, faithfulness, compassion, openness to inquiry, and humility in the face of facts. 

At Caprock, we weave core virtues into as many classes as possible and strive to help students grasp the importance of these virtues in their daily life.

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