Construction Communication Updates

General Updates will have a green border and will contain details of upcoming changes. 


Here's what will be coming:

  • Fencing continuing in south lot, eventually will close off existing driveway by small modulars that leads to south gravel parking

  • Changes to before school recess

  • Changes to HS passing periods

  • Changes to Childcare (CACC) afterschool pick-up and Friday drop-off and pick-up access.

Urgent Construction Updates will be in a red border and look like this. You will want to read

these as soon as possible.

Dear Caprock Families,

Please note the following construction updates beginning Tuesday, February 19th.

  • Drop Off in the morning: Please drop off on the north side of the horseshoe (the side closest to the garden).

  • We have a new driveway to the south gravel parking area. While the old entrance to the south parking lot remains open for now, we prefer you use the new entrance as this will soon be the only driveway to the south lot.

  • Fencing is in place around the courtyard where construction will occur. Some additional fencing is still to come but all access to Buildings 1-4 is now through the back/east doors via the fire lane.

  • The black fabric walkways are complete and will be used by students, staff and visitors when moving in and out of the modulars. 

  • All High School students will start 1st hour in the main building, including Theatre class.

Before Construction Pictures

714 24 1/2 Road

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Monday - Friday

7:00am - 3:30pm


970-243-3612 (fax)

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Before Construction 1

Before: Facing west from Building 2 to the courtyards and main building.