If you are planning on moving your student from his/her current school to another CHSAA-member school, and would like to be considered under the current summer transfer bylaw 1800.5, then all paperwork should be submitted to the receiving school by May 25.

  • Form 9 filed by May 25 with new school

  • Form 9 submitted by June 1 by new school to CHSAA

  • CHSAA will make determination of the transfer and respond with appropriate eligibility to the school.

If you are planning to transfer schools, you will need to contact the athletic director, Bruce Crowhurst, to begin the paperwork process.

NOTE: Any transfer paperwork submitted after June 1, 2018 will be acted upon under the new transfer rule.  Bona fide family moves will apply at all times, and hardship waivers will be applicable at all times.

CHSAA - New Transfer Rule


           "Get Goldie Locks!" That was the first cry from one of the midfielders. In their first game ever played, Caprock's soccer team had a lot to learn. Many of those who played had never even touched a ball before, but they proved through hard work and sheer determination that if anyone could succeed- it would be them. At the start of the season, many players were tripping over themselves making a pass, but by the end of the season, balls were stolen, blocked, cleanly passed, and even several goals were made. With barely enough players to form a team, there were only two subs throughout the season, and as much as each player would have loved to take a break- they didn't, and it paid off.

2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR


        As every blocker knows, there is nothing scarier than blocking a ball and just barely missing the net. It takes courage and assurity to complete such a "leap of faith". In volleyball, it takes courage to run for the ball, and assurity to hit it correctly. Every girl in Caprock Academy that plays volleyball can tell you that even when their bodies would fail them, their mind remained strong. Even though they competed against teams that were veterens of the sport, the Girls Volleyball Team still gave the opposing teams a run for their money, and better yet: earned their respect. As with everything else, Caprock's core values are instilled within its players, and even if the team lost a match, they would still demonstrate those core values.



     Many coaches would often say, "basketball comes first", yet here at Caprock Academy, academics is foremost the first priority, and our motto goes, "work as hard in life as you play on the court". Every member of the team has to earn their position, someone who may begin the season as a starter, may not be there within a month or two- it all depends upon their effort and work ethic. One is not simply given a position: they must work for it. Just like everything else in life. As a first year CHSAA team, the high school has a long road ahead of them, but all the teams look foward to competing this year and plan to work hard, and play well.

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