The Caprock Academy uniform and dress code policy requires students to wear a uniform and follow a conservative dress code. This policy serves to eliminate distraction and uphold the vision and mission of the school. Spirit wear are not part of the uniform but can be worn on Spirit Days. Students not in “code” may not attend class. Teachers are expected to enforce the dress code.


There are some exceptions to the dress code some of which include:

  1. Special event days, which have been pre-scheduled and approved by the Head of School.

  2. Students participating in Scouting programs who wish to wear the Scouting uniforms on meeting days.

  3. Uniforms for other groups will be allowed at the discretion of the Head of School.

For more detailed information on our Dress Code, please read the Family Handbook, beginning on page 38.  

Allowed Shirt Colors

Solid white, red or navy blue collared, knit polo shirts (two-or three-button, no logos, except the CA logo).

High School

Gentlemen and Ladies


Solid white, red, navy blue, black or gray collared, knit polo shirts (two-or three-button, no logos, except the CA logo).


  • Oxford or navy blue, red, maroon, black, gray or white button down dress shirt w/ white crewneck t-shirt underneath may be worn.

  • Red, white, navy blue, gray, brown, dark purple or black solid or patterned (e.g., stripes, plaid or dots in the previously mentioned colors) ties are acceptable.

  • A navy, gray or black sport coat or dress suit is also acceptable.


  • Red, maroon, white, gray or Oxford or navy blue button down dress shirt may be worn. With the button down shirt, ladies may wear a navy or blackblazer with three-fourths or full-length sleeves.

Are These Shoes Acceptable?

Below is a slide show with examples of shoes.  The shoes with the red 'X'  would not be permitted along with a brief explanation about why.  The shoes with no 'x' would be permitted.  If you have any questions, please contact the office.  




  • Shoes must be worn at all times.

  • Students may wear dress shoes or tennis shoes in class.

  • To minimize distractions, a limited range of colors (leather or leather-like dress shoes: black, brown & white; sneakers: black, brown, white, blue, pink or silver, including trim and decorative components) are permitted, but students are asked not to have florescent colors on their shoes (including the laces or any trim or stripes);

  • Sneakers may be low or high top. Hiking boots, cowboy boots, work shoes, “combat boots” and any type of shoe (except for sneakers) that extends above the ankle are not within this dress code.

  • To protect the student’s feet, the shoe may not extend higher than the ankle at the heel, toes and heels must be closed

  • Novelty shoes (e.g., shoes with built-in roller skates or lights) should not be worn at school.

  • Saddle shoes (black/white or brown/white) are also permitted.

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