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CA COVID-19 Response Information

Caprock's first day back to school will be Aug 3. We have worked closely with Mesa County Public Health in order to make this happen. If we discover that this is not the case, we will notify our community right away. While it would be disappointing not to start on time, to say the least, it is somewhat out of our hands. 

Secondly, the school has undertaken the task of strengthening our technological presence both in the classroom and online (if you haven’t visited the new website, you should! Schools were allocated money from the federal government to assist with COVID related costs and we have spent more than half of those funds on technology related items, such as student laptops and webcams for classrooms. We have also used the money to purchase COVID supplies for the school, including a variety of face mask options for staff to wear during the school day.


Many of you have asked what the school day will look like for the students. While it somewhat depends on the overall plan approval by the health department, it is likely the students will be kept in grade level and classroom cohorts throughout the day to minimize the number of individuals they come into contact with. These cohorts will have little to no interaction with other cohorts. Students will still have most, if not all, of their regular school day experiences, but things may look differently. For example, music class will most likely focus on theory while students are at school with practice happening at home. Teachers will travel more often than students in order to help keep cohort interaction down. Students may still have recess and P.E., but it will be scheduled differently and may need to happen outside while the weather cooperates. Those that choose to attend virtually will have that option, and we think we are nearly ready for most classes to be available live, or synchronously, to online students, as well as recorded for viewing at a later time. Once approved, we will communicate the full plan to our families.


Masks and face coverings are required for all adults when in buildings on campus and when not socially distanced outside. Students in grades 6-12 are also required to wear them at all times while in buildings. All students and staff are required to wear masks during arrival and pick-up times. The school's in-person learning plan is written to be applied according to local health department guidelines and does not take into consideration potential Governor's orders, such as the current mask mandate for children 11 years old and above. This means that while the Governor's mask mandate is in effect, 5th grade will be included with 6-12 in wearing masks for the whole time that students are at school, with the same exceptions listed in the plan for 6-12 grades. This requirement will be applied to all students in 5th grade regardless of age because the majority of students are already at least 11 years old. This requirement will be lifted for 5th graders when the Governors' order expires on August 16th, unless he were to extend it past that date. 


Last, but not least, the building is all but ready for the students to return! We are tidying up some last minute details, but otherwise we can’t wait to show it off to all of you!