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Substitute Teacher

Caprock Academy Vision

Strengthening the community through the involvement of parents, educators, and community leaders working together to provide an environment that fosters academic excellence and develops strong character in our students.  We shape global citizens who set life goals and practice lives of service and virtue.


Caprock Academy Mission

Help all students achieve their highest academic and character potential using proven, accelerated academic programs while providing a safe environment.


Professional Philosophy

In maintaining the integrity of, advocating for, and facilitating the implementation of Caprock Academy’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values, you will:

  • Purposefully and positively represent Caprock Academy’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values to its members and the community;
  • Engage Caprock Academy’s members and the wider community in supporting Caprock Academy’s goals;
  • Promote the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of Caprock Academy’s Charter and the CABD;
  • Work collaboratively with members of the Academy, the CABD, and the community; and
  • Promote his/her professional growth.

We are currently expanding our pool of substitute teachers for the current school year.  Occasionally jobs become available at the last minute during the summer or in the middle of the school year.  Caprock Academy is therefore happy to receive substitute applications throughout the year even for positions that do not have posted openings.  Please review our website carefully and be familiar with our teaching styles.  



$150/full-day, $75/half-day

Colorado PERA Retirement participation.

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