Volunteer Information

We are glad you have chosen Caprock Academy as your place to call home.  Did you know that due to the fact that we are a charter school, we operate on less funding than the traditional school?  This opens the doors for many opportunities for you to earn your parent volunteer hours.  We ask that each family donate time to the school to help with everything from covering books and shoveling snow to helping in the classroom and with goal hour.  Our families are the center of our community and their service is invaluable.  Please take a moment to review the types of volunteer opportunities (PDF below) that are available.    If you are interested in helping with any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact volunteer@caprockacademy.org and provide a specific message about how you would like to help.

Volunteer Requirements

Please have the following two documents on file with the front office:

1. Volunteer/Parent Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Agreement

  • Must be completed on the FACTS Family Portal (previously RenWeb Parents Web) via the web forms

2. Background Check

Needs to be redone each school year on or after July 1.  Your printed background check needs to be brought to the front office. It can be completed at:

  • The Sheriff’s office at 215 Rice Street ($2).
                                  - or -​

Additional Resources

  • Parental involvement and volunteering policy information may be found in the Family Handbook:

Carpool Opportunities  Updated 2-17-2021

Carpooling is a great way to earn parent volunteer hours and help families in need. See below for list of opportunities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the volunteer coordinator at volunteer@caprockacademy.org .

Carpool Opportunities as of 2-17-2021:

C1 – We have a family who lives near 28 ¼ Road and North Avenue and needs help getting their two children to and from school on a daily basis. She is unable to help due to circumstances.


O1 – We have a family who lives near Hartford Court and Unaweep who has an 8th grader who needs help getting her home after school.

Thank you!