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MS Eligibility Requirements

Academic Eligibility
All coaches, athletes and parents should be familiar with the eligibility rules of CAMS. They are as follows:
Policy AP 11.6 – Eligibility (K-8)
Academic eligibility for 6-8 will be determined with quarter ending grades. Ineligible students will remain ineligible for the remainder of the following quarter.
Students may be banned from extracurricular activities following a suspension or misbehavior during the extracurricular activity.

Two disciplinary referrals in one quarter or three in one semester will render a student ineligible for any extracurricular activities for the remainder of that quarter. Four disciplinary referrals will render a student ineligible for all extracurricular activities and functions for the remainder of the school year. The Head of School may deem a student ineligible for the following season based on misconduct.