Caprock Academy High School

Caprock Academy has Highest Average Composite Score for the 2015 ACT Scores in the Grand Valley!

Congratulations to our current senior class who did very well on their ACT scores from the state test in April 2015.   How do we compare? ACT Scores from schools around the valley:

Caprock Academy – 24.4 – ranked 13 out of 502 high schools in Colorado

Mesa Valley Community School – 22.2 – ranked 67 out of 502 high schools in Colorado

Palisade HS – 21.1 – ranked 120 out of 502 high schools in Colorado

Fruita HS – 20.2 – ranked 179 out of 502 high schools in Colorado

Grand Junction HS – 20.0 – ranked 191 out of 502 high schools in Colorado

Central HS – 18.5 – ranked 420 out of 502 high schools in Colorado
R-5 HS – 15.1 – ranked 470 out of 502 high schools in Colorado

State Average – 20.1

National Average – 18

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An Academic Community

           Caprock Academy's largest goal is to create the future citizens of tomorrow, and the shaping of that citizen depends heavily on their high school career and experiences. We place a large emphasis on not only academics, but on community. To be a leader, one must know how to interact and work with others in order to be successful. Caprock provides an environment where students have the opportunity work together and form friendships that can last a lifetime. The social skills that are developed here help immensely in the work environment and can lead to a successful career and life. As a classical school, students largely study the past, and the greatest works ranging from "Plato's Republic" to Herman Melville's "Moby Dick", yet one cannot simply study the past: they must interpret the future as well. When beginning high school as freshmen, students are immediately placed in rigorous classes such as Rhetoric and Latin to prepare them for College. With moderately sized classes, high school students are able to connect with their teachers- creating an easy, relaxed environment for which they learn is a safe place to learn, and express new ideas.


 Caprock Academy offers a variety of sports for high school including basketball, soccer, cross country, volleyball, and track. We are a CHSAA school and look foward to playing  other schools. All students are welcome providing they work as hard as they play.

Fine Arts

 Caprock offers a full band and choir. At this time, we do not offer orchestra, rather we offer positions for strings in the band. With a large art program, and still growing, Caprock provides an avenue for students who wish to exercise their creativity. There is also a Drama class where students study and perform the classics in theatre.

Lettering Opportunities

 Did you know that Caprock Academy has several opportunities for students to earn a Letter?
Currently Lettering Opportunities Include: 
  • Fall Boys – Soccer
  • Fall Girls – Volleyball
  • Fall Boys - Cross Country
  • Fall Girls - Cross Country
  • Winter Boys – Basketball
  • Winter Girls – Basketball
  • Spring Boys – Track & Field
  • Spring Girls – Track & Field
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Forensics
  • Speech
  • Debate