The following is a closer look at the academic programs that Caprock Academy uses to help students reach their highest academic and character potential. 

 Singapore Math 


 The Riggs Method

In contrast to a traditional U.S. math curriculum, Singapore Math focuses on  "The Why Before the How"  and places a strong emphasis on conceptual understanding and mathematical problem-solving.   By the end of the series, students will have mastered the basics along with fractions, complex word  problems and will  be ready to move in to pre-algebra.   The Riggs Method of language usage is based on letters and combinations of letters that we use in the English language.  Students begin with the most basic phonograms and build on their knowledge base.   Primary children find this fast-paced, common sense, independence-establishing experience challenging, exhilarating and fun! 

 Community Service


 Goal Hour

  • Students - We ask our students to get involved in their community.  By participating in service opportunities through the school, and by seeking out ways they can volunteer outside of school.  Students learn the value of service and what it means to make a difference in their world.
  • Families  –  We ask families to have a direct impact on their student's education by donating their time at school to enrich the school.

Every Thursday the students have the opportunity to explore topics they are interested in such as:  archery, chess, cake decorating, board games, golf, gardening, photography, scrapbooking, knitting, outdoor sports, origami, technology, debate and so much more.  Parents and teachers volunteer their time and knowledge to enrich the knowledge base of the students.