Community Service

At Caprock Academy it is our mission to help instill in our students, the value of giving back to the community.  We ask our students to get involved with community service projects within the Caprock family,  in the greater Grand Valley community, and beyond.  Besides opportunities organized by the school,  our students have found many creative ways to positively impact our community.  They have participated in food drives, charity runs, shoveling snow for those who can't do themselves, visiting nursing homes, Operation Care Package as well as many other projects that benefit others.  Participating in community service programs, gives our students opportunities to grow into global citizens.

Community Service is also an important part of making the Caprock Community work.  We ask that each family donate time to the school to help with everything from covering books and shoveling snow to helping in the classroom and with goal hour.  Our families are the center of our community and their service is invaluable.