Open Records Request

We recognize the importance of the public’s right to access and procure copies of public records, with certain exceptions, subject to law under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA).

The following fees and charges are applicable to records research, copies and other duplication requests as allowed or required by law.

Duplication Costs

Item Cost
Photocopy $0.25 per page
Postage Actual Cost
Additional Fee for Records Requests over 1 Hour $30 per hour

Parties requesting copies will be invoiced by Caprock Academy for the charges incurred in research, copies or other duplication based on requests that are compliant with applicable law.

For a request estimated to require more than 1 hour, prepayment is required before any action on requests will begin.

For all other fees, the requestor is expected to make payment at the time of delivery of the copies.

All requests must be made in writing.