Temporary Change to Mask Policy

Dear Caprock Families,

We are excited to see our K-5 population return to campus tomorrow! It has been a couple of weeks since we have had students on campus, so I would like to give a few reminders. 

First, you may have noticed that two Western Slope school districts, both D51 and Montrose County, have elected to have all grade levels wear masks while indoors on campus for the next two weeks before Winter Break. We will be following the same temporary change to our mask policy. We will reevaluate this temporary policy change over Winter Break. Considerations in this matter included the recent surge in cases in our local community over the last few weeks as well as the effect that surge has had on our own population that includes some staff and students in the lower grades who were far less effected throughout the beginning of the school year.

Therefore, all students grades K-12 will be required to wear masks while on campus, even when they are in their homeroom cohort. Teachers and staff will allow students to take their masks off while actively engaged in eating or drinking, during certain classroom activities that require the teacher or student to be able to see each other's mouths (e.g. phonogram practice at the lower grade levels), during P.E. while students are distanced from each other, or while the students are outside and distanced from each other. Additionally, teachers will be encouraged to look for opportunities for mask breaks throughout the day (spreading a line out while walking to and from classes outside, etc). 

Secondly, please remember to fill out the student screener each morning before 7:00 am. If your student is symptomatic or not feeling well, please keep them home so that we can have the best chance for continuing in-person learning through the end of the quarter. Additionally, please keep your child home if they are waiting on a test result, even if they are feeling better or were asymptomatic at the time of the test. If your student ends up staying home, remember to have them continue to log onto the LMS each day to complete the attendance questions and keep up with classwork. Make sure to let the school know anytime your child is staying home on a day when we were expecting them to be on campus, as well as the classroom teacher in order to coordinate any lessons and/or classwork.

We greatly appreciate all your support and help with these matters.


Andrew Collins


Head of School

Caprock Academy