Screener/Drop-off/Medicines/Test of Parent Alert

7-31-2020 Important School Information: Screener, Drop Off, Medications and Test of Parent Alert

Daily Screener - What you need to know:
  • Parents: you are required to screen your child(ren) daily PRIOR to coming on campus AND preferably before 7:00am.
  • Here is how to complete the daily screener via Parents Web Desktop Version.
  • The mobile app you can purchase for $4.99 and be able to use your mobile phone. Many of you may already have this app for both Apple and Android. To log in, use District Code CA-CO, Click on “School”, “Web Forms”, “COVID Daily Screening”, then select your student and complete the screener.
  • Why daily and why before 7:00am? This is requirement by the Mesa County Health Department and the school will run reports at 7:01 of students who have completed the screener. Those students not screened before 7:00am will have to come to campus and be screened in person and this process will be time consuming.
  • It is easiest and most convenient for you, the parent, to complete the screener between 6:00am-6:45am from your mobile phone, so you can then drop off your student in the newly expanded pre-screened drop off lanes.


Not Pre-Screened? Here’s what to do:
  • Pull into the “Not Screened” lanes (they will be marked) and please turn off your vehicle.
  • Please be patient as we will have to come to each car and do an in-person screening for every child. This will take several minutes.
  • If your child(ren) pass the daily screener, you will be allowed to pull into the horse shoe for regular drop off procedures. 
  • If your child(ren) do not pass the daily screener, they will not be allowed on campus and you will need to take them home.
  • Please note we will be doing our best to get to your vehicle as soon as we can, but again, note that this process will take several minutes. Thank you in advance for your patience and your courtesy as we comply with our state and local rules.


How does Drop-Off work?


What about my child’s medicines?
  • Our Health Techs will be screening students in-person in the mornings and therefore will not be able to accept your child’s medicines until after 9:00am, Monday through Thursday in the Health Office. After 9:00am, you can park and come inside with a mask and you will be screened as well.
TEST of Parent Alert on Saturday.
  • This is only a test. We are doing the test for two reasons. One is as our first test of the year of the system and the other is because during the first week of school, we will be sending a parent alert as a courtesy reminder to do your child’s daily screener before 7:00am. The alert will be sent Monday through Thursday of the first week at approximately 6:30am.